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Tinalp 5G is the first 5G e-learning platform based on augmented classes supported by Mixed Reality and A.I.: learning spaces where students and teachers, in the same place or remotely, can interact with each other and with virtual objects/concepts in which stimulate collaboration, negotiation and memorization skills, for a personalized, shared and immersive learning experience.
The solution was developed and tested within the Vodafone Action for 5G program and was launched commercially on the market under the name Vodafone LeARning.


Education and Entertainment


5g mr ai



The experience with the viewers activates a more effective approach to study, which breaks the frontality, generates curiosity, interest and the desire to delve deeper. The software also has significant potential in other areas of learning, both individual and cooperative.

Laura Suardi – Parini high school

The pilot

The 5G solution was tested in the field at the Parini high school in Milan, in collaboration with HOC-LAB of the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering of the Polytechnic of Milan, and at the Department of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Milan. Using the viewers, the high school students were able to interact with concept maps, interactive quizzes and thematic games under the remote supervision of the teacher. With the Department of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Milan, however, real-time interaction was experimented with a 3D scale model of a city neighborhood, a complex model in which it was possible to "immerse" oneself and analyze the internal elements, one layer after another. 'other. The entire project was brought to Powering Europe's Digital Decade: Competitiveness and Recovery, an event organized by Politico and presented by Vodafone, which was held in Brussels. The experimentation at Liceo Parini was presented at the SITE 2022 Conference (Society for Information technology & Teacher Education) and at the EDMEDIA + Innovate Learning Summit Conference in New York.


FifthIngenium, startup born in 2014, focuses on emerging technologies applied to business needs for manufacturing, the medical sector and the world of education.


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