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Mobility and Transport

5G Safety and Urban Mobility

About the project

SmartEye IVA 5G is the solution developed by Smart-I within the Vodafone open innovation program "Action for 5G" which, thanks to the 5G, is able to receive multiple video streams coming from the various surveillance cameras already present in the city and pre-process them and send them to Vodafone's edge computing where the AI ​​algorithms reside. The latter recognize various road safety events and, thanks to the very low latency of 5G, allow safety managers to be alerted in real time via dashboard and mobile app.


Mobility and Transport


5g ai


Smart-I Srl

SmartEye IVA 5G proved to be very useful in mobility and road safety, allowing actions to be taken in real time or urban optimization and fluidification interventions to be implemented in the near future.

Giacomo Tuffanelli - Head of Plant Development and Design Sector of Rome Mobility Services

The pilot

SmartEye IVA 5G was tested for the first time in the capital in a pilot project with Roma Servizi Mobilità, integrating with the CCTV cameras already existing in the city. The pilot made it possible to innovate the current monitoring activity of urban areas, allowing the managers of Roma Servizi Mobilità to view and know in real time all dangerous road events, the places and times in which they occurred, without having to observe video streams in person and thus make the streets safer.


Innovative SME founded in 2012, operates in the Smart City, Intelligent Industry and Smart Retail sectors. It provides innovative solutions to make different areas, such as our cities, safer and more livable, using video sensors and proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms.


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