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Brand Avatar

About the project

The Brand Avatar is the 2WATCH solution, developed in the Vodafone Action for 5G program, which allows the creation of an avatar with realistic appearance and movements thanks to the use of motion capture and 3D modeling technologies. The avatar, generated and animated with the CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) technique for rendering digital special effects, can perform live streaming, live in the Metaverse, create content for social networks and participate in live events. Thanks to the ultra-broadband and millisecond latency of 5G and Vodafone's Edge Cloud (MEC), the avatar can interact in real time in a fluid and natural way during live events.


Education and Entertainment


5g 3d modelling motion capture



ho.lly let us communicate the values of the brand, interact with the community with high engagement rate and 80% of on-topic reactions and describe services and initiatives in a simple and informal way.

Ingrid Veneri - Head of ho.Mobile

The pilot

The Brand Avatar solution was tested with Ho.Mobile creating ho.lly, the ho.Mobile brand avatar presented for the first time in Milan on the occasion of the LOVE MI 2023 concert in Piazza Duomo. ho.lly interacted live with an audience of more than 20,000 people and with the content creator and YouTuber Matteo Pelusi - Matt - present on stage.


Winner of the 2022 edition of Vodafone's open innovation program, 2WATCH is an innovative startup, a media-tech company from Naples that operates in the e-sports and gaming fields.


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